Our Board


Vidya Iyengar

Board President

As a mental health clinician, Vidya Iyengar has spent most of her career leading programs serving children, individuals and families. Experiences include clinical administration, developing programs for patients afflicted with mental illness and substance abuse disorders, leading the Contra Costa County Health Services Reducing Health Disparities initiative as the Ethnic Services Manager, facilitating the development of the County's mental health Workforce, Education and Training plan. As the Director of Psychiatry, she has lead multidisciplinary teams of clinicians, managers, and support staff, and currently she is an Administrator there overseeing clinical departments in the outpatient setting.


Trupti Mehta

Secretary, Board of Directors

Trupti Mehta believes in the mission of Narika, as an initiative to promote independence and economic empowerment in a very vulnerable segment, the survivors of domestic violence.

She has been a practicing physician with The Permanenete Medical Group for over two decades. She feels very fortunate to have had a wonderful and fulfilling clinical practice and had many leadership roles during her time there. She has had a significant amount of professional experience in building and leading departments. She loves being a part of Narika as it helps empower women, helps them get access to opportunities that will enable them to grow and achieve their goals in life, and be a person in their own right.


Vanita Chawla

Member, Board of Directors

Vanita has been a practicing psychiatrist in the community since 2005 after graduating from her residency at Stanford. She received her bachelors degree from Brown University and her medical and public health degrees from Tulane University. Vanita has been passionate about womens’ health issues, always embarking upon research projects and initiatives involving women’s health. She worked extensively in the women’s wellness clinic at Stanford and started a women’s psychiatry group upon completing her training. Recently Vanita opened up a practice in Los Altos titled Women and Wellness, a practice dedicated to supporting and empowering women to become their best selves and to find freedom. She holds the South Asian community of women and the fight against domestic violence close to her heart. Her compassion for women is a driving force in her life.


Ranjan Sinha

Member, Board of Directors

Ranjan Sinha is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Data Platform Engineering at the IBM Global Chief Data Office. He is a digital transformational leader and innovator in data platforms, data engineering, and data science with a strong track record of accomplishments leading projects in both industry and academia. He holds a PhD in computer science and has published several refereed works. Ranjan is passionate about promoting a society that ensures wellness, safety, and empowerment of vulnerable groups. He has been supporting causes in areas such as female literacy, feeding the poor, animal welfare, and climate change. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, traveling, gardening, and hiking with his family.


Sangita Sungu

Member, Board of Directors

Sangita Sungu is a licensed psychotherapist at Kaiser Permanente for the last 8 years and has over 10 years of clinical experience. She completed her MSW from New York University and BA in Psychology & Minor in Public Policy from University of California Los Angeles. She specializes in trauma and depression therapy for adults. She holds a leadership role with the Kaiser Family Violence Prevention Program. In the past she had her own clinical private practice providing therapy to adults and couples. Sangita is passionate about working with the South Asian community and women empowerment.In her spare time she enjoys hiking, baking and trying different cuisines.

Seema's photo.jpg

Seema Mittal

Member, Board of Directors

Seema Mittal is a licensed architect and has run her residential architecture and interior design practice firm, Perspectives Design, in the South Bay for the last twenty years. Designing dreams, by creating or transforming homes that foster a close-knit family life, is her passion and mission. She has completed over 200 projects in diverse styles using a creative and iterative design process of weaving together her ideas with that of the family. Commitment to green principles and bringing the outdoors in, are key features in her design. She has an M.Arch from the University of Minnesota and a B.Arch from IIT, Roorkee.

A passionate patron of the visual and performing arts, she volunteers as a set designer for the productions of the Bay Area Drama Company. She travels as often as she can, on an insatiable quest to experience global culture and architecture. She has always been a strong believer in women’s empowerment and joined the Narika board in 2018.


Manju Mishra

Member, Board of Directors

As a founder and board member of several non-profit organizations since 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Manju has helped shape strategy and programs for underprevileged children and families in tribal regions of India.

Promoting the Indian national language Hindi is her other passion. Besides, she is an accomplished poet whose book of poetry "Zindagi Yun to" has been widely acknowledged and her poems and articles published in many publications in the US and India.

Her professional career as a software developer for the Department of Defense, India and a founder/Direcror of a technology training business ended once her passion for working with non-profits took over.


Bindu Fernandes

(Executive Director)

Bindu Oommen-Fernandes first actively thought of domestic violence when her close colleague at Google disclosed her story of a 30-year abuse. Since then, she is passionate about leaving no survivor behind and about offering a myriad of services to support their needs - counseling, legal, community, financial and wellness. -She has been trained as a domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking counselor and is passionate about social equity, domestic violence prevention, corporate outreach and engaging men in the dialogue. S

he is an avid motorcyclist, enjoys cooking, and art. In her spare time, she’s working towards an immigration law accreditation.