Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some signs of domestic violence?

Emotional distress


Physical signs of injury

Signs of anxiety and fear

Change in appearance/self-esteem

Denial of harassment and injuries

Restricted transportation/outside activities

Manipulation by partner

Child abuse


Social abuse

Anything that causes distress

Where can I seek help?

If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911 NOW.

Otherwise, call the Narika helpline 1-800-215-7308

What is the purpose of Narika’s helpline?

The purpose of Narika’s helpline is to deliver a responsive and effective empowering conversation to women who need support in regards to domestic violence.

Can I speak to someone in a different language since I have difficulty conversating in English?

Narika’s advocates have a command in multiple languages and we also have volunteers who speak multiple languages directed towards the South Asian community.

How can a domestic violence advocate help?

Provide advocacy and create a safety plan.

Get information and referrals for local resources.

Advocate for the client through the judicial system and locate law enforcement.

Initiate and arrange for a shelter, low income housing and help with job necessities.

How can I support a friend or family member who is experiencing domestic violence?

Please provide the emotional support that they need and immediately refer them to Narika’s helpline number 1.800.215.7308