Narika Announces Launch of Innovative Community Program H.E.A.L.

H.E.A.L stands for Health, Enrichment and Access to Life Skills. Under the H.E.A.L initiative, Narika aims to create community circles at the grass root level, offer support groups for crisis survivors and also spearhead health and wellness workshops to foster holistic self-care and well-rounded growth among women. The vision is to galvanize community leaders as well as community members into being advocates of self-empowerment, health and healing.

The first of the H.E.A.L pilots was launched in Dublin, CA on May 17th, 2015- with the advent of women’s yoga and wellness classes offered for free every Sunday. The yoga class also caters to survivors attending NARIKA support groups that have been ongoing in Pleasanton since the beginning of 2015.

On June 4th NARIKA will also be hosting an exploratory meeting with local thought leaders and health providers in the San Ramon/Tri Valley area, in an attempt to better understand women’s issues at the grass root level.

For more information on H.E.A.L, Narika’’s classes and/or support groups, please write to: or call 510-444-6068