Self-Empowerment & Economic Development (SEED) program is designed to foster economic independence and self-reliance among survivors of domestic violence, and new immigrant population that are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Our comprehensive program offers instruction and resources in the following areas :

- Financial Literacy - Career Development - Small Business & Resources - Assertive Communication & Boundaries - Physical Self-Defense - Verbal Self Defense - Mindfulness & Meditation - Goal Setting & Challenges - Past & Future Narrative Art - Support Map & Safety in Relationships - Civic Engagement

SEED classes are offered on a modular basis, allowing students to choose topics of learning they feel are most appropriate for their personal and professional needs.

The goal of the program is to provide access to information and resources in a safe environment. Upon completion of a full SEED session, participants are in a position to think and articulate next steps towards becoming economically and financially independent. The Program also provides follow up sessions to take up course work related to the participant’s area of interest and support them through the process.

The SEED program runs in two tracks annually. The Intervention SEED program is 10- weeks long and is only for survivors. The community SEED program is a 8- week program that is open to all women in the community.

During the sessions, free childcare and food are provided for participants and children. Please contact to register for upcoming SEED sessions.