On October 17 and 18, Narika in collaboration with the Hindu Community and Cultural Center (HCCC) Human Services, offered a two-day workshop for women, at the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Livermore. The workshop was designed to cover a variety of lifestyle, wellness and empowerment topics such as budgeting, credit monitoring, art, yoga, mindfulness and inter personal communication techniques. The workshop was open to women of all ages and communities and attendees came from wide-ranging backgrounds. Attendees built a sense of community and partnership even as they learned. There was a definite sense of knowledge and achievement. In the words of an attendee: “Great job in finding the speakers/ presenters. I really enjoyed the yoga, mindfulness and communication sessions.. Thank you for making this an invigorating, energizing weekend!” Another attendee also extolled the financial literacy session Its really an informative session. The instructor explained all the important information about credit, budgetting and investing. I was unaware of all the things and now I have gained lot of knowledge.”
About Narika: Narika is a registered non-profit that has been serving the Bay Area since 1992. Narika’s mission is to promote woman’s independence and economic empowerment by helping domestic violence survivors with advocacy, support, information, referrals, and education.
About HCCC: HCCC was established in 1977 with the goal of offering religious, cultural and community services. In the last 35 years the HCCC has evolved into an established institution as a place of worship with the needed services for the community.